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First: What makes a good web design?

You have about three to five seconds to capture your visitors attention to your website. This assumes that your site with good web design loaded on the browser quickly. If not, the user will just click away to your competitors website (sites must load on a browser within 3 to 5 seconds). A good web design should immediately capture your visitors attention with cool graphics or attention grabbing text titles.

The layout of the your website must say “I’m a professional website, I’m not a scam site, and somebody took a lot of time and energy to create this site.” The site should contain crystal clear images, clearly and easily readable text, and user friendly navigation. A site with a poorly designed layout will do the exact opposite. It will exude scam, a lot of BS, and a clear indication that someone didn’t care enough to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the site. Why should the visitor spend time on your website?

A good web design must be easily navigated. It should never take the user to dead ends or endless loops. Facebook took over MySpace for this elementary tool of ease of navigation. If a user has the slightest difficulty of figuring out where to go they will simply leave the site and not return. Visitors love to explore places that are easy to find.

Creative and fresh images will encourage a visitor to spend more time on a site. They will return if they have read interesting text content. The expression “content is king” is a valid statement. This holds true with Google search rankings. Once again I want to emphasize the loading speed of the pages. Some designers overlook the basic fact that visitors are impatient and will click away in an instant! Well written WordPress code will load fast, update with ease, and will expand new content without troubleshooting issues. Google will lower your SEO page ranking for a slow loading site.

A good web design is by no means easy. It is a process that needs to be focused on obtaining results. It must sell your products or services, deliver important information, or provide interaction. Don’t forget, it’s not about you. It’s about the customer. Make their web experience enjoyable and simple by having a good web design.

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Second: Why use WordPress?

1) It’s EASY to learn
wordpress-iconGetting an online presence is fairly easy using WordPress. All you need is some basic computer skills and have the ability to follow simple directions. You don’t need to be a coder, graphic designer or a webmaster. I’ve been designing sites since 2002 and WordPress is by far the easiest web design software that I have used. I can spend my time focusing on content rather that trying to build all the functions of the site. With the right tutorial or having a WordPress coach you can have a wordPress website or blog up and running in as little as one day.

(2) WordPress uses themes
Themes or templates are available for free on the internet and are sometimes provided by the hosting company. The themes control the overall look and feel of the site instantly without having to do any design work and are easily interchangeable with the click of the mouse. During a theme change all of your content, images, posts, and pages will remain intact. There are also premium themes available for sale on the internet that provide more functions and are geared for more dynamic websites. They range in price from $20 to $100. I generally start with a free or premium theme and then modify them to my clients expectations.

(3) WordPress plugins
Plugins are like little apps on your phone. They provide WordPress with upgraded functions which allow the site to do more – become dynamic! For example, there are plugins to turn the website into an eCommerce store, event planner, membership site, or basically anything you want. Some of the plugins are free and the more complex premium WordPress plugins can cost up to $200. The more expensive plugins come with support either by forums or email support from the developers team. You just download and activate them, set some basic settings and your good to go.

(4) WordPress websites are search engine friendly
Out of the box WordPress websites are already set up to provide a great user experience with clean, well written code that search engines can crawl immediately. All the navigation, hyper-links, menus, pages, posts, and categories are extremely well organized. Additional SEO plugins can help the site gain higher page rankings. There are over 25 million WordPress users worldwide with a huge community of support. There are many learning tutorials and problem solving forums online dedicated to WordPress. Contact Tom Arrington for a Search Engine Optimizatin free consultation.

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Third: Custom WordPress Websites

web-design-iconWordPress uses themes to style the web pages. For example, it can globally change the font size, color, styling and page/post layouts (with a side bar or full width) in a couple of clicks with the mouse. There are many free WordPress themes currently available on the web. Just Google “free WordPress Themes” and you will be presented with endless choices. I’m actually using a free WordPress theme for this website, although it is heavily modified to fit my application. Most premium WordPress themes cost anywhere from $50 up to $150. The company I use extensively is ThemeForest (Envato). This company has their act together.

What’s so cool about WordPress is that it connects to its own free, open-source database on the server. This MySQL database handles all the browser requests. Web content is stored in neat, well represented directories on your hosting server.

Next is plugins. Plugins create additional functionality to your site. If you want to start selling products on your site you simply add a plugin like WooCommerce. If you want to create a site that showcases upcoming events you would simply add a plugin like Event Espresso which has free and premium versions. There are also third party companies that will integrate with your WordPress site to handle additional functions for a paid fee.

You’re in good company if you use WordPress to publish on the web. CNN, Forbes, New York Times, Sony, Best Buy, are among the giants now using WordPress!

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